Blockchain storage

What's tDrive?

Usually, you'd see a mish-mosh of technical jargon about how tDrive is a decentralized storage platform with blah, blah, and blah. We'll skip that for you. Bottom line? You want simple, easy, on-demand storage that just feels right. Right? Look no further than the "T drive" on your computer.

And for you technical junkies out there, rest assured tDrive is backed by a distributed IPFS-type swarm that is fast, redundant, and geo-located closest to the user.


Super Simple

If you can drag and drop, you can use a tDrive


Crazy fast

File exchanges take about as long as...oh wait, done.


Earn tDrive crypto

Every month you have data on your tDrive you earn crypto. Mic drop.


Using tDrive

Install tDrive as a drive

Think Dropbox meets blockchain

Stupid simple pricing

One fee a month, access your files as much as you want

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