Blockchain storage

What's tDrive?

Usually, you'd see a mish-mosh of technical jargon about how tDrive is a decentralized storage platform with blah, blah, and blah. We'll skip that for you. Bottom line? You want simple, easy, on-demand storage that just feels right. Right? Look no further than the "T drive" on your computer.

And for you technical junkies out there, rest assured tDrive is backed by a distributed IPFS-type swarm that is fast, redundant, and geo-located closest to the user.


Own your data

Decentralized storage that's crazy secure.


Super simple

No blockchain degree needed. It's you-friendly from the gitgo.


Earn tDrive crypto

Every month you have data on your tDrive you earn crypto. Mic drop.


Using tDrive

Install tDrive as a drive

Think Dropbox meets blockchain

Stupid simple pricing

One fee a month, access your files as much as you want

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